Thursday Nature

25 Jan

I heard a squeak outside and was a little surprised since I know we do not have mice and I would hope they would not be out in our balmy 9 degree F weather.  So I looked outside and saw a hawk I was really shocked.  Have not seen one since last year.  As I was trying to get closer to take a picture he/she took off and had a bird in its talons.  The squeak was explained.  Poor bird did manage to escape but, really wish I had something besides birds to offer the hawk.  The birds were getting food that I had put out for them and had no idea that a hawk would be stopping by for a visit.  Guess everyone was hungry yesterday.  I also saw bunny tracks in the snow yesterday.  YEA!  I have not seen a bunny or at least signs of a bunny since last spring.  The rabbits have been missing since people have been letting their cats outside but, now with the bitterly cold temperatures I hope they keep them in more.  


More battles have been dealt with my daughter.  This time it is getting dressed in the am.  Whew will I be glad when this stops for a bit. I have been taking away more and more toys and other things.  The other issue is hair brushed.  Is it bad to say I want to shave her head to 1/2 inch?  No more tangles at least or really worrying about hair getting brushed.  I have had things thrown at me, screamed and yelled at etc. Basically the usual.  Gotta put a kaibash on this asap before she turns into a teenager and then it might just get worse or better.  



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