22 Jan

Things are better so far today.  Right now I hope it lasts because I need to get the license plate number of the truck that ran me over.  My guts are hurting so much right now so this will be brief.  

Yesterday my husband was off so that was nice and he spent a lot of time with our daughter so I really hope it helps.  I also called my dad, mom and my mother in law.  My mother in law was the most helpful in giving me suggestions on how to handle and deal with the craziness.  

Our daughter spent one night at her grandparents and then decided she was coming home Sunday.  I was not thrilled because I was actually relaxing and enjoying my time away from her bad to say but, after all the drama and stuff I have been dealing with what can I say? The hubby and I were talking without being interrupted so that was really nice.  

I started yet another project this time a cowl for my dad and I might just make one for my mom as well for the holidays. It is a rather fast knit and will be great to keep the neck warm where your scarf might have missed a bit of the neck area of course you can always pull it up over your nose and mouth to keep a bit more heat and warmth in if needed.  


Take care.


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