The saga continues

16 Jan

Well unfortunately I jinxed myself.  My daughter decided to scream, yell, and throw things at me.  Thankfully what she threw at me were cat toys and mostly soft.  She also used foul language again.  To say I would not win the award of mother of the year is an understatement.  It was not fun and ended up being a two drink night for me.  The only saving grace for me was that my husband had to see his parents to fix something so I got to enjoy “silence”.  I did jam a few tunes and made a drink I was actually craving the adult version of hot chocolate.  It was tasty. 

Today I put in a call to my mother in law to discuss some things I had been noticing.  That our daughters language gets more foul when she comes back from a visit with them on the weekends.  

Plus I actually get a much deserved break because my husband will take our daughter to spend the night at my moms or she will pick her up tomorrow.  YEA!  

I really was dreading today and did not feel very motivated to get up and face the day.  I really wanted to just stay in bed.  I did get up and just made a few calls and deposits/transfers.  Trying to not dread the day as it keeps going.  I really want to stop the ride I am currently on and just need a break.  

I hope your day is fantastic.  


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