Weekend and other news

14 Jan

Wow it is a nicer week and it is only Monday.  My daughter is being better behaved and nicer at least so far the week is still young.  We will be having rough weather but, thankfully no more at least for now subzero temperatures.  

The last of my Amazon order arrived Monday most of it is for my daughter because lets face it I only got more PJs because it was a need and a want but, the need out weighed the want.  I also got my ramp for my rabbit.  Her ramp that came with her area broke and was plastic.  This is wood and a lot longer and doesnt really fit but, was the only one I could find.   

This past weekend we went to Walmart for a few things we needed like a bookcase for our books even though I got rid of a lot of them most of them are the husbands and the daughters books.  I might have one shelf if I put it all together.  I spent far entirely too much time there  and was not thrilled with being there.  

We also got our daughter some new tennis shoes not from Walmart her others were too small for her.  At over 4 years old not quite 5 she wears a size 3 ahhhhh she has big feet. 

I also stopped by Goodwill to get rid of a few things and the library to pick up more books I reserved.  

That was my weekend how was yours?  


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