10 Jan

My mom was getting her newspaper early Monday morning during our subzero temps and well lets just say that my mom keeps her house locked up like Fort Knox and that the door froze again once it shut.   No worries my mom got the door open but, broke the handle of the door fighting to get it open.  Pssst metal gets very bitter and will break easily in sub zero temps.  

On the upside of the very cold temps my car got a new battery and tires.  It was having a lot of trouble starting during our bitter cold temps.  Now it seems to be a bit happier not that I would know since I have not driven my car in awhile.  

I really hope I do not jinx myself in saying that I am having a better time with our daughter.  Whew it has been rough for the past 3 days.  She has not been doing as I ask her to do (not trying to be a dictator or anything).   She has had fewer melt downs WHEW!  She is learning that I will ask nicely 2xs and then I will do the dreaded count.  If I get to three then a toy of hers disappears for 24 hrs.  It has been calmer and maybe this time I will not have to drink a beer.  I have been having a beer most nights normally after my husband gets home so he can have fun.  Last night I had to go to bed early it was such a lousy day.  I did a load of laundry because our daughter has forgotten how to use the bathroom and now she is out of jeans to wear and I forgot to add soap.  So I restarted it and told my husband that I was going to bed.  I was exhausted.  I guess three days of meltdowns, temper tantrums, not doing as I asked politely to do is exhausting.  I admit that by day three I might not have been the nicest person to her and maybe hulked out a bit.  Ah well not perfect.  

On the bright side today I got my new PJs.  I ordered for myself Hello Kitty Nerd PJs. Did I fail to mention that my daughter is a bad influence and that I might as well embrace my inner nerd?   I will post pics as soon as I can.  

I love the news yesterday they talked about global warming mentioning how hot it is in Australia and other areas (of course it is hot they are blessed with having summer while the rest of us freeze our collective backsides off).  


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