Ahhh me public

9 Jan

More like aaahhhh it is actually 12 degrees above zero and actually feels really balmy almost ready to bust out my bikini lol.  Even with wind chill factored in it feels great.  I am so happy to be above zero.  This still does not get folks off the hook so to speak regarding their animals outside.  Please keep them in and stay warm.  Just because it feels great being x degrees above zero does not mean go outside without a coat or other winter gear.  I even finally let my poor Noel have some run time in her usual place.  I could not do it because it was far too cold for her.  She had a blast and was really happy.  

I placed an order with Amazon post holidays because I needed some new pjs and did not want to go to the mall plus I splurged and ordered Monty Python Fluxx.  The reviews are great and now that I can read some of the cards they will make for a great game.  You might need to see Flying Circus and even though it has the Holy Grail knights on it remember it is called Monty Python.  It looks like a lot of fun and I cant wait to play it.    I do not order too much from Amazon even though I have quite a bit on my wish list.  Most of it is Kindle books but, I still do not want too much clutter.  

Last night I took pity on Noel and let her have a bit of run time upstairs.  She had an audience of myself and two cats.   She had a lot of fun and was a bit happier.  It does the bunny psyche good to have time out from their usual area.    

Hope you are staying warm or are slowly getting warmer.  Stay safe and remember your animals in extreme temperatures.  


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