Subzero and on the way up

8 Jan

We are still having cold temperatures as much of the nation fights to stay warm.  So here is a bit of info for folks.  Here is wikipedia’s definition of Frostbite as follows: Frostbite is the medical condition where localized damage is caused to skin and othertissues due to freezing. Frostbite is most likely to happen in body parts farthest from theheart and those with large exposed areas.  It goes on to describe the degrees 1-4 and treatment.  Whatever you do, do not rub, shake or massage because you can do more damage.  

Hypothermia is a bit more extreme where you cannot get your core temperature to raise above normal.  Mainly the signs are shivering, stumbling pace, mild confusion, difficulty speaking, difficulty thinking and amnesia are more extreme.  

Animals may show some of these signs.  PLEASE be kind to any and all animals that you may have outside.  Make sure they have warm bedding, enclosed area with a door they can get out of, and that they have water and food.  Remember that water will freeze pretty fast so you will have to check and give more as needed.  If you have farm animals please put them inside a barn or other enclosure.  For cats bring inside and remember your rabbits too.  If they are in a hutch please bring it inside so they are safe and warm.

 Remember to bang on your hood of your car when you start it because cats and maybe other animals will go to the engine compartment for warmth even if it means they may suffer injuries.   

Everyone is trying their best to stay warm and safe just do not forget your animal companions.  They really are if possible better off inside than out in the cold.  If the news and weather folks are saying to bundle up, wear layers, and warm clothes, not to be outside for too long then the same goes for animals as well.  


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