28 Dec

Wahooo! The holiday is finally over!  I have not had a very Merry holiday.  I really wish that I did.  It was great being at the in laws.  Our daughter had a well Hello Kitty Holiday with lots of Hello Kitty items, some clothes both non and with Hello Kitty.  She got a purse and change purse as well, some My Little pony undies, and a lot of baby dolls and accessories.  Most of it is staying at my in laws.  We did bring home the clothes and undies along with her purses.  

I got a new bathrobe that matches my sisters in law it was too funny we posed for pictures and did a Charlie Angles theme to the pics.  Absolutely hysterical.  I got another clear bird feeder that suctions to the window so more torture for my cats too fun.  I got a funky hummingbird and two separate gift certificates to the same place for a total of $75.  

My husband got a lot of Darth Vader themed gifts and a gift certificate for a coffee shop that not only sells coffee drinks but, also beans and other coffee and tea brewing gear.  

Then Thursday we went to my moms.  She called me before I had to get my eyes examined and informed me that she took down all of her holiday decorations before we even got to her house.  So fun!  We went to my moms and our daughter got a recliner chair (that my mom wants us to have at our house and assumes that we have room for it and never told me about) I do not have central heating or AC so we have floor heaters.  I told her we do not have room for it.  She was not happy with that.  Ah well.  Then I made the mistake of telling my mom that our daughter wanted a shopping cart and I told her no that I did not want her to have it.  Of course my mom did not do as I asked and got it for her.  She did however get our daughter the two things I did tell my mom that she wanted a DVD of Epic (such a great movie) and another Hello Kitty purse that I knew she wanted before I knew what my mother in law had in store for her.  Our daughter did finally spend the night at grandmas so my mom is a bit happy.  

I did manage to make her mad again by telling her that I did not want her to buy a car for me and of course when she dropped our daughter off I told her that no the stuff that she wanted us to have was staying at her house.  Ah well.  If she does not want to keep it then maybe both parents will understand that and not get her sooo much stuff for the holidays next year.  I am trying to be polite and nice about all of this but, all I can say is thank the Gods for Vegan Eggnog and Burbon.   It seems to be THE only way I have managed to keep my sanity.  


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