Tis the season

25 Dec

It is the day before the big holiday for most folks and I swear most people have frowns on their faces or are just plain grumpy.  I personally would think that most people would be breathing a sigh of relief and smiling at this time.  Instead folks have  on these 

Image It all started with having a bit of miscommunication regarding our daughter and how and where she will be spending the holidays.  My husband was surprised that our daughter returned from the in laws and I was thinking well why shouldnt she.  We are going to their place to spend the holiday with my mother.  Well he was thinking that my mom knew about and was ok with her going to their place and opening presents Christmas morning.  Me I was completely confused and in the dark about the whole thing.  So I had the happy privilege of calling my mom and letting her know that we would be stopping by the 24th for my daughter to get her gifts from my mom. Well that did not go very well and my mom is pretty mad and upset.   She even hung up on me who was completely clueless and not in a good way.  Now my mom refuses to even spend the holidays with us at all and is extremely mad at my husband and me as well probably.  I really needed to get some of these pants and wear them today and give a pair to my mom, mother in law and my sister in law.  

My mother in law who has not been getting very much sleep lately got extremely grumpy and angry at my sister in law who is a red head.  So in her frustration she had her daughter drop her off at a store and had to use someone else’s cell phone to call her husband to pick her up.  OOPS.  She left the house without anything purse, cell phone the usual stuff.  Both of them got pretty angry with each other not sure about what.  This is why 3 people need a pair of pants like this.  Thanks Etsy for letting me use this picture.  


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