The haul and posts

24 Dec

Well my daughter got a few things for the holiday from her dad and I.  She got from me some long johns for those cold and chilly days, a book about a pig named hope, some blue nail polish, and a TY Hello Kitty Nerd with glasses.  It is actually rather cute.  From her dad she got Pickman 2 to play.  

I got a Nintendo DS and some yarn from my hubby to start a new project I am going to make some fingerless gloves to wear with my hoodie plus some needles and the pattern.  I also got a project holder for double pointed needle projects so that way you dont loose stitches.  

My husband got a graphic novel of Shepard’s story.  If you are a Firefly or Serenity fan then you will understand the reference.  

I probably wont be posting as much as I usually do mainly because my husband is home, I have knitting to do, and just wanting to spend time with the family.  

So if I do not post more before December 25th.  Happy Holidays!  Have a safe, happy, and merry holiday.


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