New car

21 Dec

My mom is wanting to help me get a new used car.  I am not sure that this is a good idea.  The reason why she wants me to get a new used car is so that way I do not have to use the bus and can just come and go whenever I want to.  Plus I am not sure if this is partially revenge for the hubby not answering his phone as usual when I need him the most (still sore about that as well and trying very hard to not be).   I had to call my mom and see if she might be able to get in touch with him, if he was just ignoring my calls, or if his phone was off or not sure what happened when I knocked my head.  

Tomorrow we are celebrating our holiday on the winter solstice aka Yule aka shortest day of the year.  It has been interesting trying to explain how gifts will be delivered and why.   We have done this for a few years now because it is always a challenge to coordinate between 3 households and visits especially for our daughter.  We have also done this because my husband was at one point in time working during every holiday so to just make things easier and actually have a holiday together this was a solution.  Now that he is off for the holiday we have just decided to keep with the “tradition”.  

Even though tomorrow is the shortest day of the year and maybe a bit of a downer with less light if any I always look at it this way.  That after tomorrow the days will get just a little bit longer, brighter, and warmer.  

Have a great Winter Solstice!


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