School of hard knocks

20 Dec

School of hard knocks

Yesterday while putting the groceries away I managed to knock my head very hard on the freezer door handle. Wow was I in pain and of course could not get in touch with my darling husband to let him know I needed him to come home ASAP. It almost felt like I had a cut. My head still hurts of course today as well. You might even argue that I managed to knock more sense into myself lol.

On a brighter note I did manage to get a ride from my mom since my husband took the car again today. We went to a lot of places. We even got ourselves a holiday tree WAHOO! It now just feels like the holidays more with just a bit of seasonal decor. You might even argue that it is the Charlie Brown holiday tree but, I still like it. We went and got my daughter her new glasses. The reason being is because she needed a new prescription to what she has already and these fit her better and are less likely (hopefully) to fall off her nose. I also tried to get the bus schedule but, no such luck. There is a website that has the routes and “schedule” but, no schedule is actually listed so it is anyones guess as to when the nearest bus will show up for folks. So some time while my husband is off I will have to go downtown to get the latest/newest schedule for times of the buses. Very annoying.

Without further ado here is a picture of our tree with just a string of lights in purple.


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