Year in review

17 Dec

A lot of folks have been doing a year in review of finances, life, travels etc. 

My year in review will be brief I promise.  

I started this blog a little over a year ago.   As a way to just share my life with folks and am absolutely floored that people have actually subscribed to my blog.  Thank YOU!  i am always thrilled and impressed that folks actually read my blog. 

This past year I paid off one of my student loans.  WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  I am really thrilled and relieved to have only one bill to deal with.  Of course with the exception of the standard usual being food, rent, utilities…etc.  

I also got rid of my credit card and paid off completely.   Whew!

I helped my mom declutter and get rid of a lot of stuff in her basement.  

I also followed suit by getting rid of a lot of my stuff that has been in my moms basement for 10+ years and my stuff that I currently have in my home.  This helps to bring in the new be it stuff (hopefully not too much) at least at my end, new experiences, new people, etc.

The other good thing was taking my daughter for her very first visit to her grandpa and first airplane rides.  She loved it!  It was a great experience for us both.  We got to reconnect with my dads family.  


The bad was that I TOTALLY BLEW my budget for the end of the year.  This includes holiday shopping because I decided to bring my student loan that I did pay off down just a little bit more and further down.   

This is about the only low I can think of.  

For 2014 I hope that more people will subscribe to my ramblings, I hope to make a more significant dent in my student loan that remains, to get rid of more items that no longer serve a purpose and no longer love, and to continue to build my savings account so that way we have an emergency fund plus have more adventures to far off places in this big beautiful world with my daughter.  


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