A gift of sunshine

11 Dec

If you are like me you might suffer from “Winter Blues or Seasonal Effective Disorder” or just from the lack of sunshine because you have clouds or just snow.  So here is a slice of sunshine for folks and yes I personally rolled around in this spot and was very happy to see sunshine today.  I have been rather tired of the clouds and gloom lately.  

Image I hope this helps to brighten your day and give you a bit of sunshine wherever you are just in case you are needing some.  


One Response to “A gift of sunshine”

  1. Ruth Cooke December 13, 2013 at 11:57 #

    The clouds kept the warmth in! I deliver papers, and baby! It’s cold outside. 🙂 (On the plus side, getting outside every day for at least a half hour, cold or snowy or icy or not, has just about cured the SAD I used to feel before I started the route.)

    Found your blog through a comment on The Art of Non-Conformity, and just wanted to say congrats on paying off your student loan! That’s a huge accomplishment–be proud of yourself.

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