Invasion of nature

7 Dec

This week has been a bit strange.  I would have thought most creatures would either be sleeping or well dead.  I have had a lady bug land on me while I was doing yoga one morning.   I felt something on my back and brushed it off onto my yoga pants.  At first I thought I had killed it by accident but, it decided to crawl up my yoga top and at that point I stopped doing my yoga to take the lady bug outside (it was still warm when I did this).  I realize that we have had warmer weather than usual lately but, still you would think that having bugs in your house would no longer be an issue.  

Today my beloved Sin (Shin) was staring at something in the bathroom.  I admit I had no idea what she was staring at and hunting.  I later discovered a very fat fly in our house.  I admit I am a bit reluctant to shoo it outside since it is very cold out but, since he/she will only live for about 3 days to a week. Sorry not sure of the life span of a fly.  I guess for now it can stay unless it decides to dive bomb me while I sleep then it will have to leave.  I value my sleep.  

I did want to mention something my husband who is the computer master/geek told me and it explains a lot.   If you use yahoo for anything like say mail which I do. He told me that only 20% of all the people who work, test, program, etc. for yahoo actually use yahoo mail and other things that yahoo might offer like news etc.  I was shocked, so in case you are currently unhappy with yahoo mail and all the “updates” to make the site “better” now you know why so many people who actually use it are upset and disappointed with the service.  My use of yahoo for my mail might be changing in 2014 not sure yet who I would use instead but, if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.  I would appreciate it.  


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