Not much new and a link

6 Dec

Not much new is going on at this end.  I have been stuck at home for awhile due to the weather and my husband taking our one and only car to work with him.  I really hate this time of year just for being stuck inside most of the time.  

Today we got A LOT of rain so much that when I took our trash and recyclables to the curb I ended up with very wet boots and feet, ah well.  Now I am in the process of trying to dry out my boots without feeling the need/urge to put them in the dryer.  

I also wanted to share this web post for folks who are trying to either decide what to do with their clutter, are just beginning with their clutter, or just dreading the holidays because they know they will be getting more stuff even though they have told family, and friends to give them gift cards, or even money.  I have thought about this a lot while I was getting rid of my stuff earlier this year and helping my mom with her stuff.  I have basically decided that I would probably save the following items in no particular order. 

1.  The companion animals and their supplies like food, litter etc.

2.  My daughter, some clothes of hers, a few toys and one of her purses.  

3.  My husband, his clothes and computer.  

4.  My clothes. 

5. My backpack.

6. My computer and Kindle.

7. My purse.  

8. My pictures and camera.  

What would you save if you had little time to evacuate your apartment, or house?  


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