Holiday wishlist

5 Dec

I just thought I would share what I want for the holidays in no particular order and feel free to share yours as well.  

1. Peace on Earth toward all creatures human and nonhuman alike.

2. To travel to the places I have longed to see and take my daughter with me.  

3. No more prejudice in the world.  

4.  No more factory farms where animals are used and abused. 

5. Freedom for everyone.

6. To be debt free.  

7. To reconnect with my friends who are far away and see them again.  

8.  More precious moments with my daughter with hugs, kisses,  and tickle fights galore. 

It is not a long list of things that I want.  I feel that in some small way I am helping with the Peace, freedom, and no factory farms by being a Vegan it is a small step but, it is a step in the right direction.   I also think I am helping with numbers 3 and  5 by my small but, important donation to and I am doing it for my daughter as well as every woman.  

What is on your holiday wish list?  


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