Finally done with shopping

4 Dec

Today is the official day of being done with shopping for the holidays whew!  So glad that is over with.  I even got one student loan paid off as well today and sent it certified return receipt so that way I have proof that they did actually get my money.  It is the rush of the holidays to get presents mailed, UPS’d or Fedex’d to folks.  So I wanted to make sure it gets there.  

Tuesday joy of joys is giving to various worthy organizations and yet again my inbox was filled and a lot promptly deleted.  Not saying any of these organizations are not worthy but, after giving myself my early holiday gift I have very little money to burn, donate, or even rub together for now.  

Does anyone have any great holiday recipes they would love to share or even just one?  I personally have declared the chai spice cookies to be our holiday go to for cookies.   You can decorate, cut out or basically do what you normally do with your holiday cookies.  If you love chai tea then these are just like drinking it except, you get to eat it and without the caffeine.  You can find the recipe in 1000 Vegan Recipes on pg. 433.  Although this year I might try something different will have to get the input of my daughter to see what she wants.  



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