Monday and other news

3 Dec

Monday was frustrating for me because my inbox was literally filled with sales and other useless bits.  I am very happy to say that I was a bit tempted but, then decided not to go for any of the sales.  I am nearly done with my holiday shopping I just need to pick up a gift certificate for my moms massage.  I did find something for my mother in law a few items to help with her dry skin a fragrance free and gluten free shower gel/body wash along with fragrance free shea butter for her hands etc also gluten free.  

 If all goes well and I actually get to use the car well I will be first off giving myself an early holiday present by paying off at least one student loan.  WAHOO! I am so excited that I will be knocking down my dreaded debt and will only have one monthly bill to pay for another student loan but, this one I can add more money to it and hopefully get it paid off as quickly as possible as well.  

 I do have a recommendation for folks and no it is not exactly holiday themed or even holiday festive but, I do encourage folks to watch and either rent, beg, or borrow from friends or the library the series or HBO special called “Band of Brothers”.  It is really awesome.  Granted it is not for the small ones in your life to see.  It is very realistic.  As a younger person I was obsessed or at least trying to understand how and why the holocaust of WWII happened along with the hows and whys of slavery.  I still do not understand how another person could treat another fellow human being so horribly and cruelly.  We all bleed the same color, we all are human, we all for the most part share some of the same dreams and hopes.  The trip into Germany for the 101st Airborne and their first encounter with one of the camps was really tough for me to watch.   I guess I can handle blood and gore a bit better although not by much.  Ok enough of this here is something beautiful to hopefully brighten your day.  


Image This was my view Monday morning.  It turned the rest of the outside a lovely shade of orange/pink.  


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