Sleeping in

30 Nov

Well I get to have 4 days of sleeping in. It has been nice so far.  I actually feel rather lazy doing it but, it is awfully nice.  

My poor daughter was ill the day before Thanksgiving so it was an interesting time for me taking care of her and cleaning.  Turkey free day she was not very hungry but, by Friday she was back to her old self and eating like crazy.  I am just glad she is doing better and now has color in her cheeks instead of being very pale.  She was running a fever Wednesday night and was about to burn me out of bed she was so hot.    I also “adopted” a turkey from farm sanctuary named “Tulip” it was $30 and I have been wanting to do this for awhile now but, have usually been too broke to do it so now that my insurance has been paid and most of my holiday shopping is done I have a bit more money to do things with.

Turkey free day we went to the in laws for most of the day and even had a few guests stop by.  My husbands uncle and cousins stopped by for a few hours so that was nice.  It was a day to spend with family.  

Friday we did go to our favorite book store simply because my daughter had gotten $3 from her grandmother for Halloween in lieu of candy so, she was really wanting to get something and settled on a DVD movie with Scooby Do.  She seems happy and still has money left over since it was on sale.  My husband got a book and a game system and I got my holiday gift early.  


Have a great weekend!


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