Thanks Giving

27 Nov

Being a vegan or a new vegan or vegetarian you or your family and friends might be wondering what you can/should eat for this holiday and how you are going to survive it.   DO NOT PANIC!  There are many options out there from getting a Field Roast (my personal fav.) to a Tofurkey.    If you get either one of these just make sure you pull it out of the freezer 24-48 hrs. before the big day.  You can almost always stick to most of the sides just make sure there are no animal products in the stuffing, potatoes, and pumpkin pie or pecan pie.  You could bake a squash and stuff it with something yummy and vegan or bring your own pie.  The options are endless you might even consider making some vegetarian/vegan fried rice and just go a completely different direction.  Just eat what you want and make sure it is animal friendly.   On that note you could consider adopting a Turkey from Farm Sanctuary no matter what you choose to eat.    Just be kind to yourself and the animals this holiday season and avoid sacrificing a turkey.  


Here are a couple of worthy links to help you with your clutter and hopefully not part with so much money on the dreaded day of shopping that begins the holiday season Black Friday not to be confused with Black Lassie (Cheech and Chong reference couldnt resist) so without further ado and in no particular order….  Hope they help you to stay sane and avoid the crowds.  


Happy UNturkey Day!  Happy Thanksgiving!


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