26 Nov

Wow I have been stressing over what to get my mom for the holidays for a gift.  I was thinking about getting her a gift card for a certain amount to a bookstore that sells books for half price but, then decided not to.  The reason is that I just helped my mom get rid of a lot of stuff/junk in her basement and I am sure she will be having me help her at some point with the rest of her house and I DO NOT want to go through getting rid of even more STUFF.  So I talked it over with my husband and have decided to give her a gift certificate or card of a different sort for the holidays and that is for a massage.  It just seems like the right idea.   It gives her something nice, she can pamper herself with it, she can decide when she wants to do this (I think you have a year before it expires), there is no clutter or accumulation of more STUFF/Junk to get rid of later, and this is the perfect solution plus it keeps me out of any and all stores.  I did ask her what she wanted for the holidays and she did not know.  

I am still unsure what to get my mother in law who is allergic to gluten so still trying to figure that out.  She does not like people touching her too much so no massage for her.  If anyone has any suggestions please let me know I would really appreciate it.  Thanks. 


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