23 Nov

Ah, the stress has been just crazy at this end.  From financial woes to missing registrations and everything in between.   So I decided to do something about it.  First off my hubby was really mad at himself today and it was rubbing off on me as well.   He was snapping at our daughter and I was trying my best to remain calm.  So once his stress was over with and done at least for now and so far.  I smudged the whole entire house from top to bottom on the inside.  It has really helped the air and the remaining humans to just feel lighter and take a breather.  Now some folks might think this is all hocus pocus or whatever but, I promise you it does work.  First of all you need a sage stick, light it and then just go from corner to corner on your walls, dont forget doorways and windows.  Also do any mirrors you might have as well.  Then just say what you are feeling you want out the old stuck, stress, and anger energy for instance and you instead want to bring in laughter, joy and happiness or whatever.  Then sit back and relax if possible.  

On a side note I forgot to include THE most important person to be kind to during this holiday season and that is yourself.  

So, if you have to say no to cooking for your entire family, no to most of the decorations, no to the baking, and no to sending out the mass of holiday cards.  

This does not mean to not do anything.  This just means to be kind to your self and figure out what you need to do or not do in order to be kind to yourself.  



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