22 Nov

In this high stress world and it just seems to get worse as the pressure to consume and buy the perfect holiday gift for Aunt Edna for example the pressure mounts.  The commercials keep harping to buy this or that, the sales have already started with the early bird, sneak peak, black Friday sales are everywhere.  

 I just want to remind folks to try and be as kind to not only Aunt Edna but, also to the environment, Earth (because lets face it EVERYTHING comes from this great planet we call home), and the animals.  

I hate to admit this but, I have not always been the kindest person to animals.  I used to eat meat of all types from the usual suspects.  I used to wear leather but, could never wear a fur coat.  I used to have an Angora sweater that yes I loved it because it was so soft.  This was my much younger and truthfully I felt less educated about the plight of animals and then two of my friends started protesting the plight of animals in my home town and went vegetarian.  I am not sure what really caused me to reexamine my feelings toward animals but, I guess most of it had to do with having companion animals and then wondering why and what made them so different from the animals most people consume and decided that I could never eat an animal I loved and who I know loved me back.  That was a bit of the tipping point for me.  So I went vegetarian for awhile and liked it well enough but, then shortly after our daughter was born decided to take that final leap if you will to be Vegan mainly because I wanted my daughter to be ok with loving and caring for all animals and to help us to leave the world a better place for all beings.  I also wanted her to know that not every person eats meat from an animal.  I wanted to help her in this so I bought a copy of That’s Why We Dont Eat Animals by Ruby Roth as a way to explain to her why mommy and daddy do not eat meat.  It was the most gentle way I could introduce her to this concept and explain it.  I have not looked back at making this decision and it might have taken me awhile to reach this stage in my life but, I know that it is here to stay.  

I realize that you may not have much options in getting something kind for someone on your list but, do the best that you can.  Try and stay away from Walmart.  Try to shop local if possible, try to stay out of the mall(s), and big box stores of any type.  Buy if you can free trade, organic, and of course not tested on animals or made from an animal.  

 If you want to check out PETA’s latest video on the Angora fur industry.  Warning not for young viewers.  For me having a rabbit and watching people literally rip the fur while the rabbit screams in agony was so sad and I honestly could not sit through the 2 min + video.    The one thing you never want to hear is a rabbit scream it sounds too much like a human and is a sign of great pain or fear in a rabbit.  


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