Holidays and other bits

20 Nov

Here is a link to hopefully help you with the holidays and to give something meaningful without the clutter.  

Not much is new at my end.  This past weekend we went to go see Monsters University it was cute and of course our daughter enjoyed it.  

Sunday we were under a tornado watch until 10 pm our time it was exciting and kinda spooky.  Since we saw news reports of Illinois and the destruction there, it was a bit unsettling.  We are all ok and really hope we do not have any more repeats.  We had to go pick up our daughter from the grandparents in laws that evening and it worked out ok for us.  We do not have a basement and they do which, was very nice.  

Monday we did not do too much but, I was in a rather bad mood.  The reason was because I have been trying to get our daughter up earlier in the mornings to prep her for going to school.  It has not been going very well.  It would help if my husband actually got up when his alarm goes off or at the very least shortly there after instead of an hour later or more.  


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