14 Nov

I made a $15 donation to UNICEF for the typhoon victims in the Philippines.  If anyone knows of any organizations that are helping animals there something along the lines of ASPCA or whatever please let me know in the comments.   I like to help people and animals as much as I can when disasters hit.  

I do have a movie recommendation for folks.   The movie is called Free Birds yes it is animated but, just watch the trailer it has a great vegetarian/vegan message for the holidays.   I plan on taking our daughter to see it.  It looks very cute, funny, and has a great message.    If only turkeys could actually get off the holiday menu it would be so nice along with other animals.    

I do have something worth mentioning.  I was wearing my new hoodie and well I lost my proof of insurance.  Yeah not good but, on the upside I did not get pulled over and I looked for it everywhere so had to make an extra copy of my husbands.  It works so just be careful if you get it and try and clip together your id with your insurance or just carry a wallet.   I lost it last week sometime and have no idea where it might be except for out in the world somewhere.  



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