Weather outside is frightful

13 Nov

Ah we have had our first real taste of winter weather.  We got a few inches of snow last night  and it will be gone before the end of the week.  

Last night was a bit rough for me.  My four year old has a nintendo game that she likes to play but, it is a bit advanced for her still doesnt stop her from playing it.  So basically you play the game by typing in things you either need or as a way to defeat the “bad guy” well long story short my daughter kept wanting me to spell baby for her so I would and I would show her how to spell it.  Well she decided to say things like “No one will show me how to spell baby” and “You dont love me”.  Lets just say I lost it a bit and got very mad so by the time my husband got home last night I told him to take her out without me.  I had, had enough.  I finally cooled down and cooled off of course her saying that she was sorry did help a bit.  I do know when I need a break and what my limits are in regards to my daughter.  I know that I may not have handled it the best way but, at least I did not “spank” or hit her when I was really mad and for that I am very proud of myself.  It is not much and others would have probably handled the situation better or differently and that is fine too. 

 My husband for his birthday got one of the back stories to Watchmen as a gift  and of course a card.  It is not a lot but, then again we tend to not give each other a lot of things as presents for anything.  Not sure if his parents or sisters wished him a happy birthday yet.  So Happy Birthday to my husband and I hope you have a fabulous day!

I realize that with the holidays coming that a lot of organizations are asking for donations for various charities or causes.  All I am asking you to do is to give to any organization that is helping survivors to the Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.  You can donate to the following organizations in no particular order…Mercy Corps, UNICEF, Shelter Box, OXFAM, UNs world food program, Save the Children, UNHCR, CARE, and American Refugee Committee,  there are probably others but, please help by giving even the change you find in your couch, car or even $10.  These people have no food, no clean water, and no shelter they are completely without the basics for survival and as we all know without the basics for survival the death toll will continue to rise.  Thank you for doing this and please let me know which organization and how much you were able to give in the comments.  Thank you again.   If you need more info please go to this site  I hope it helps.  


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