Unexpected date night

9 Nov

I have to say that I liked the newest Thor The Dark World was not too bad.  Chris Hemsworth for the drool factor did take off his shirt and let me just say he looks darn ok da** good without a shirt on.   Just a little FYI you will want to if you go and see it sit through all of the credits there are a few extra scenes that you might enjoy.  

ImageYup once again my husbands brilliant job of taking my picture with my phone strikes again.  This is me wearing my very awesome Versalette as a skirt.  I was surprisingly warm considering it decided to get below freezing last night.  You might be wondering about the arm holes letting air in.  They basically fold over themselves so it is not a big deal.   Everything I have on is Vegan.  The hoodie was awesome!  I actually put everything I needed into my pockets so no need to take a purse it was great going somewhere without needing a purse or to carry one.  You might be wondering about the hair because my earlier photo I was a lot darker.  Well I decided to bleach my hair and then try and dye it white using Manic Panic which is Vegan.  I was wanting to do this for Halloween it sort of worked.  I was wanting to do this for my witch costume and as a preview of sorts of things to come.  

Need to put out a Happy Birthday to a friend of mine.  So Happy Birthday and I hope you get spoiled and have a Fabulous Day!

Have a great weekend.  


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