Foray into more French food

8 Nov

This recipe is courtesy of VegNews Classic French Food October 2013 edition.  

This is my Beouf Bourguignon granted it does not look anything like the picture but, it sure is tasty and that is all that matters.  I did not make my own seitan but, used store bought it does not make it any less tasty.  My only advice is to use the cubed version not the strips unless you can make sure you cut them into bite sized pieces.  I used both but, would have preferred 2 packages of the cubed.  Also of note it states to use 71/2 cups of veggie stock this is a lot of liquid so if you have a VERY big pot to hold it then go for it I only managed about 4 cups and that is perfectly fine with me.   

Image This is the French wine I used and yes I got a very big bottle but, it is rather cheap for it about $12 for it and it has great flavor.  If you have never seen the movie French Kiss staring Kevin Kline and Meg Ryan they discuss how to appreciate French wine and since this is the only French wine I have tried it has some of the notes they discuss such as lavender, rosemary and a few others in it.  So Enjoy. I could have used cooking wine but, I really wanted to use a French wine and plus be able to drink a bit of it.  

Image This is what it looks like in a glass.  It has a very deep and dark red to it.  

Image This is the final product of the Boeuf Bourguignon.   I used my Cast Iron Dutch oven for it and as you can tell it was very full and could not hold all the liquid the recipe calls for.  

Will post pics of me before our date along with a review of the lastest Thor movie.  

I also want to restate that any and all products and websites I mention or review on this post i do not get any endorsements or money for or from them.  They are just my opinion that folks can take or leave as they choose.  


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