Live out loud

7 Nov

This is great advice from a great blog called simple marriage and I absolutely love his latest post and most especially #3 in the post.  

 My latest product purchase is from I got the Chloe Hoodie in Dare.  The reason why I spent $95 on a single hoodie are for a few reasons.  It is completely Vegan and it even comes with a tag that states that no stuffed animals were harmed in the making of the product LOL I love a company with a sense of humor.  I have been looking for a hoodie for awhile since my last one bit the dust in that the zipper broke, would not zip or at the very least the zipper would come apart on the few times it would zip up.  The pockets were very shallow and you could not shove a pair of gloves into them if you even tried.  So for me it was time to find a new one.  I first heard of this company via another travel blog I follow called JohnnyJet.  I decided to checkout the company and see what they had to offer.  The hoodie is stylish, comes in 2 of my favorite colors and so I decided to combine them together.  It comes with 14 pockets.  I personally feel naked if I do not have pockets with at least a few things I wear.  This is great for traveling it has a pocket for your tablet or Kindle, passport, glasses with a wipe attached so no fear of losing it, you can put your MP3 and headphones into it and jam aka rock out without fear of losing your MP3 player, a pocket for your change, and even a pocket with an attached cord to keep your keys on.  I really appreciate this feature since on more than one occasion I have been know to lock keys in car including purse with the spare of course.  The outside pockets zip so no worries about your stuff falling out.   Plus even though I spent $5 for shipping and handling I got it pretty quick I ordered it on Halloween (I am sure there is a joke here somewhere) and got my treat Tuesday so not bad.  It is warm without feeling like you are going to sweat to death in it.  I also love that there is no string for the hood so if you want it to stay more securely just zip up the zipper a bit more and it seems to stay put plus, no worries if you have a cat that loves to attack strings or a dog that likes to chew on strings as well.  

 There is a link for the size chart and I went a little extra just because I like to be able to wear whatever I want without my jackets feeling tight.  

All in all I must say I am quite pleased with my purchase.  

No worries I have gotten rid of two jackets to charity with another one soon to meet the same fate.  So this is my 3 out for one new item in.  

On a side note I am really thrilled because since my mom in law is off this week.  We wandered into a local comic book shop and saw that they have tickets to see the latest Thor flick in theaters before it even gets released.  I jumped at the chance so for 2 nights my daughter will be with her grandparents and this is fine with me.  I am planning on dressing up by wearing my black leggings, boots, and my Versalette as a skirt and a top of some sort and of course the new hoodie.  I of course will miss her but, am really happy that i get to have a date night with my hubby that was unexpected but, still should be fun.  Plus ladies the actor that stars as Thor is very much drool worthy.  


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