What it takes to simplify

6 Nov

Sometimes it just takes machismo or guts to just do it.  What I personally have found that has worked for me are a few things in no particular order. 

1. Doing the one in one out rule aka one new thing in something old out.  Of course I have been known to do 1 new in and 5 old out or whatever it is I am comfortable getting rid of.  

2.  Getting rid of things based on the number of the day and no you do not have to watch Sesame Street on PBS to do this.  Basically it since today is say the 5th you get rid of five things and you keep going until you finish the month or are just happy with what is left.  

3. Deciding on if i really need an item and if I really love it.  If the answer is yes it stays if the answer is no then it is out the door.  

4.  Not opening the box you have not touched in years and just taking it to Goodwill.  Ok I have not really done this one but, i have for the most part done it with the exception of pictures.   I usually keep my pictures of course this was before digital cameras were all the rage or even available.  

5.No regrets based on how much you paid for an item.  As we all know no matter what you buy and no matter how long you have had it the item it will depreciate. This goes for clothes, shoes, cars, houses etc.  

6. I have not personally gotten involved with Project 333 but, I have gotten rid of a lot of clothes and continue to get rid of clothes.  I have decided on 2 main colors for my wardrobe (not saying i do not like most colors) this just helps to keep life simple for me and not have to worry about what to wear every morning.  

     a. It is very true that the more clothes you have the more you wonder why you have nothing to wear.  

     b. I tend to buy quality clothes some might even say expensive but, i feel that i get more out of these clothes than I would shopping at say Walmart.  I feel that I actually spend less in the long run with the higher quality clothes that i have.  

    c.  It helps in the early morning rush to lay out all your clothes the night before of what you are going to wear.  This includes undies, pantyhose, shoes, socks, etc.  This way you do not have to spend precious minutes looking for that sock or whatever.  

I hope this helps you in simplifying you life and I know that the holidays are right around the corner but, it is never to late to start and think about all the room you will have in your closets, home, and garage you might be surprised.  Plus you can have a garage, or yard sale and get extra cash for the holidays or just donate and give to those who might not have a very Merry Holiday.  

This is also great too because you can decide if you really need anything for the holidays you might just decide to ask for clutter free gifts like donations to your favorite charity, money, etc.  

I hope these tips and suggestions have helped you in simplifying and making your life clutter free.  



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