Last pic or at least one of the last pictures

5 Nov

This is the or almost one of the last pictures of my daughter without glasses.  

ImageMy husband was off Friday because of the storm aka the land based hurricane that had 50-55mph winds and a bit of rain.  His work lost power so he was off and we decided to go and get our daughter’s eyes checked because we had been noticing a few things.  Well she needs glasses and will have to wear them pretty much all the time.  It will help her to see better and maybe even be able to read on her own.  She is far sighted.  She did pick out her frames and will have to post a picture of her in her new glasses.  She will have to go back in about 6 weeks to see how the prescription is doing.  I was really hoping that she would not need glasses until her teens at least.  I did not think she would be doomed by age 4 to wear them.   I just hope that when she starts school the kids are a bit kinder than what I went through my first year of having glasses.  

I still think it is amusing that my dad got literally stomped by a 4 year old who cant see in memory it still amazes me.  

Noel has been shedding like crazy guess it is time to get rid of the summer coat/fluff and bring in/on the winter.  

I hope everyone remembered about the time change hopefully before you had to be at work for Monday.  It is going to take a bit of getting used to but, I really wish we could be more like Arizona it just makes more sense to me to just leave it alone.  


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