Trick no treat

1 Nov

Well for us at least our Halloween Trick or Treating was postponed due to a land based hurricane.  So instead it will be on Nov. 1.  Ah well.  Better to be safe than sorry.  We are expected to get lots of rain and very high winds.  Not very conducive to trick or treating.  My daughter is actually ok with it.  So instead she will watch a Halloween themed movie and she has chosen Legend of Sleepy Hollow the Disney version.  Our other trick today was having our water shut off for 1 hour while some repairs were being done down the block from us they broke our water line by accident ah well it happens.  

I hope the treats are better or at least get better.  

Our one treat was our neighbor across the street from us brought by some chocolate cupcakes and I think fudge.  Really sweet of her to do.  

Hope your Halloween is going better than the sounds of ours but, sometimes you have to roll with the punches to land on  your feet.  

Will post pictures of my little witch as soon as i can.  


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