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Sleeping in

30 Nov

Well I get to have 4 days of sleeping in. It has been nice so far.  I actually feel rather lazy doing it but, it is awfully nice.  

My poor daughter was ill the day before Thanksgiving so it was an interesting time for me taking care of her and cleaning.  Turkey free day she was not very hungry but, by Friday she was back to her old self and eating like crazy.  I am just glad she is doing better and now has color in her cheeks instead of being very pale.  She was running a fever Wednesday night and was about to burn me out of bed she was so hot.    I also “adopted” a turkey from farm sanctuary named “Tulip” it was $30 and I have been wanting to do this for awhile now but, have usually been too broke to do it so now that my insurance has been paid and most of my holiday shopping is done I have a bit more money to do things with.

Turkey free day we went to the in laws for most of the day and even had a few guests stop by.  My husbands uncle and cousins stopped by for a few hours so that was nice.  It was a day to spend with family.  

Friday we did go to our favorite book store simply because my daughter had gotten $3 from her grandmother for Halloween in lieu of candy so, she was really wanting to get something and settled on a DVD movie with Scooby Do.  She seems happy and still has money left over since it was on sale.  My husband got a book and a game system and I got my holiday gift early.  


Have a great weekend!

Thanks Giving

27 Nov

Being a vegan or a new vegan or vegetarian you or your family and friends might be wondering what you can/should eat for this holiday and how you are going to survive it.   DO NOT PANIC!  There are many options out there from getting a Field Roast (my personal fav.) to a Tofurkey.    If you get either one of these just make sure you pull it out of the freezer 24-48 hrs. before the big day.  You can almost always stick to most of the sides just make sure there are no animal products in the stuffing, potatoes, and pumpkin pie or pecan pie.  You could bake a squash and stuff it with something yummy and vegan or bring your own pie.  The options are endless you might even consider making some vegetarian/vegan fried rice and just go a completely different direction.  Just eat what you want and make sure it is animal friendly.   On that note you could consider adopting a Turkey from Farm Sanctuary no matter what you choose to eat.    Just be kind to yourself and the animals this holiday season and avoid sacrificing a turkey.  


Here are a couple of worthy links to help you with your clutter and hopefully not part with so much money on the dreaded day of shopping that begins the holiday season Black Friday not to be confused with Black Lassie (Cheech and Chong reference couldnt resist) so without further ado and in no particular order….  Hope they help you to stay sane and avoid the crowds.  


Happy UNturkey Day!  Happy Thanksgiving!


26 Nov

Wow I have been stressing over what to get my mom for the holidays for a gift.  I was thinking about getting her a gift card for a certain amount to a bookstore that sells books for half price but, then decided not to.  The reason is that I just helped my mom get rid of a lot of stuff/junk in her basement and I am sure she will be having me help her at some point with the rest of her house and I DO NOT want to go through getting rid of even more STUFF.  So I talked it over with my husband and have decided to give her a gift certificate or card of a different sort for the holidays and that is for a massage.  It just seems like the right idea.   It gives her something nice, she can pamper herself with it, she can decide when she wants to do this (I think you have a year before it expires), there is no clutter or accumulation of more STUFF/Junk to get rid of later, and this is the perfect solution plus it keeps me out of any and all stores.  I did ask her what she wanted for the holidays and she did not know.  

I am still unsure what to get my mother in law who is allergic to gluten so still trying to figure that out.  She does not like people touching her too much so no massage for her.  If anyone has any suggestions please let me know I would really appreciate it.  Thanks. 


23 Nov

Ah, the stress has been just crazy at this end.  From financial woes to missing registrations and everything in between.   So I decided to do something about it.  First off my hubby was really mad at himself today and it was rubbing off on me as well.   He was snapping at our daughter and I was trying my best to remain calm.  So once his stress was over with and done at least for now and so far.  I smudged the whole entire house from top to bottom on the inside.  It has really helped the air and the remaining humans to just feel lighter and take a breather.  Now some folks might think this is all hocus pocus or whatever but, I promise you it does work.  First of all you need a sage stick, light it and then just go from corner to corner on your walls, dont forget doorways and windows.  Also do any mirrors you might have as well.  Then just say what you are feeling you want out the old stuck, stress, and anger energy for instance and you instead want to bring in laughter, joy and happiness or whatever.  Then sit back and relax if possible.  

On a side note I forgot to include THE most important person to be kind to during this holiday season and that is yourself.  

So, if you have to say no to cooking for your entire family, no to most of the decorations, no to the baking, and no to sending out the mass of holiday cards.  

This does not mean to not do anything.  This just means to be kind to your self and figure out what you need to do or not do in order to be kind to yourself.  



22 Nov

In this high stress world and it just seems to get worse as the pressure to consume and buy the perfect holiday gift for Aunt Edna for example the pressure mounts.  The commercials keep harping to buy this or that, the sales have already started with the early bird, sneak peak, black Friday sales are everywhere.  

 I just want to remind folks to try and be as kind to not only Aunt Edna but, also to the environment, Earth (because lets face it EVERYTHING comes from this great planet we call home), and the animals.  

I hate to admit this but, I have not always been the kindest person to animals.  I used to eat meat of all types from the usual suspects.  I used to wear leather but, could never wear a fur coat.  I used to have an Angora sweater that yes I loved it because it was so soft.  This was my much younger and truthfully I felt less educated about the plight of animals and then two of my friends started protesting the plight of animals in my home town and went vegetarian.  I am not sure what really caused me to reexamine my feelings toward animals but, I guess most of it had to do with having companion animals and then wondering why and what made them so different from the animals most people consume and decided that I could never eat an animal I loved and who I know loved me back.  That was a bit of the tipping point for me.  So I went vegetarian for awhile and liked it well enough but, then shortly after our daughter was born decided to take that final leap if you will to be Vegan mainly because I wanted my daughter to be ok with loving and caring for all animals and to help us to leave the world a better place for all beings.  I also wanted her to know that not every person eats meat from an animal.  I wanted to help her in this so I bought a copy of That’s Why We Dont Eat Animals by Ruby Roth as a way to explain to her why mommy and daddy do not eat meat.  It was the most gentle way I could introduce her to this concept and explain it.  I have not looked back at making this decision and it might have taken me awhile to reach this stage in my life but, I know that it is here to stay.  

I realize that you may not have much options in getting something kind for someone on your list but, do the best that you can.  Try and stay away from Walmart.  Try to shop local if possible, try to stay out of the mall(s), and big box stores of any type.  Buy if you can free trade, organic, and of course not tested on animals or made from an animal.  

 If you want to check out PETA’s latest video on the Angora fur industry.  Warning not for young viewers.  For me having a rabbit and watching people literally rip the fur while the rabbit screams in agony was so sad and I honestly could not sit through the 2 min + video.    The one thing you never want to hear is a rabbit scream it sounds too much like a human and is a sign of great pain or fear in a rabbit.  

Book and tattoo

21 Nov

I have a book recommendation for folks to either read for themselves or to give as a gift to people.  It is “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert.  I am more than half way finished with the book and absolutely love it.  Of course there is nothing to say you cant try and get it from the library for free so try that first or hit a used bookstore or whatever suits you.  

The tattoo is that I am seriously considering a Hello Kitty tattoo with a bit of a twist something Halloween themed.  I think it would be super cute and plus most of my tattoos have a deeper meaning to me so this would not have a real meaning except for cute and including my personal favorite holiday of Halloween.  

Just want to see what folks think of this so let me know what you think and I will probably do this after the holidays and of course post pictures of the Hello Kitty tattoo.  

Do you think I should get a Hello Kitty Halloween themed tattoo?  Let me know in the comments.  

Holidays and other bits

20 Nov

Here is a link to hopefully help you with the holidays and to give something meaningful without the clutter.  

Not much is new at my end.  This past weekend we went to go see Monsters University it was cute and of course our daughter enjoyed it.  

Sunday we were under a tornado watch until 10 pm our time it was exciting and kinda spooky.  Since we saw news reports of Illinois and the destruction there, it was a bit unsettling.  We are all ok and really hope we do not have any more repeats.  We had to go pick up our daughter from the grandparents in laws that evening and it worked out ok for us.  We do not have a basement and they do which, was very nice.  

Monday we did not do too much but, I was in a rather bad mood.  The reason was because I have been trying to get our daughter up earlier in the mornings to prep her for going to school.  It has not been going very well.  It would help if my husband actually got up when his alarm goes off or at the very least shortly there after instead of an hour later or more.  


15 Nov

Today I feel lousy and so on that note.  Here are a few worthy links in my opinion to share with folks.  Again this is a free country so you can choose to read or not you will not hurt my feelings.


Hopefully tomorrow I will feel better and more like myself instead of trying to figure out the license plate of the mac truck that ran me over.  


14 Nov

I made a $15 donation to UNICEF for the typhoon victims in the Philippines.  If anyone knows of any organizations that are helping animals there something along the lines of ASPCA or whatever please let me know in the comments.   I like to help people and animals as much as I can when disasters hit.  

I do have a movie recommendation for folks.   The movie is called Free Birds yes it is animated but, just watch the trailer it has a great vegetarian/vegan message for the holidays.   I plan on taking our daughter to see it.  It looks very cute, funny, and has a great message.    If only turkeys could actually get off the holiday menu it would be so nice along with other animals.    

I do have something worth mentioning.  I was wearing my new hoodie and well I lost my proof of insurance.  Yeah not good but, on the upside I did not get pulled over and I looked for it everywhere so had to make an extra copy of my husbands.  It works so just be careful if you get it and try and clip together your id with your insurance or just carry a wallet.   I lost it last week sometime and have no idea where it might be except for out in the world somewhere.  


Weather outside is frightful

13 Nov

Ah we have had our first real taste of winter weather.  We got a few inches of snow last night  and it will be gone before the end of the week.  

Last night was a bit rough for me.  My four year old has a nintendo game that she likes to play but, it is a bit advanced for her still doesnt stop her from playing it.  So basically you play the game by typing in things you either need or as a way to defeat the “bad guy” well long story short my daughter kept wanting me to spell baby for her so I would and I would show her how to spell it.  Well she decided to say things like “No one will show me how to spell baby” and “You dont love me”.  Lets just say I lost it a bit and got very mad so by the time my husband got home last night I told him to take her out without me.  I had, had enough.  I finally cooled down and cooled off of course her saying that she was sorry did help a bit.  I do know when I need a break and what my limits are in regards to my daughter.  I know that I may not have handled it the best way but, at least I did not “spank” or hit her when I was really mad and for that I am very proud of myself.  It is not much and others would have probably handled the situation better or differently and that is fine too. 

 My husband for his birthday got one of the back stories to Watchmen as a gift  and of course a card.  It is not a lot but, then again we tend to not give each other a lot of things as presents for anything.  Not sure if his parents or sisters wished him a happy birthday yet.  So Happy Birthday to my husband and I hope you have a fabulous day!

I realize that with the holidays coming that a lot of organizations are asking for donations for various charities or causes.  All I am asking you to do is to give to any organization that is helping survivors to the Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.  You can donate to the following organizations in no particular order…Mercy Corps, UNICEF, Shelter Box, OXFAM, UNs world food program, Save the Children, UNHCR, CARE, and American Refugee Committee,  there are probably others but, please help by giving even the change you find in your couch, car or even $10.  These people have no food, no clean water, and no shelter they are completely without the basics for survival and as we all know without the basics for survival the death toll will continue to rise.  Thank you for doing this and please let me know which organization and how much you were able to give in the comments.  Thank you again.   If you need more info please go to this site  I hope it helps.