I am ready baby

30 Oct

I am ready for Halloween.   It is my favorite holiday just because the only thing you have to buy is treats for your trick or treaters.  No rushing to the mall or big box store to get that favorite, latest or even a gift for folks.  

 My daughter much to my amazement has decided to be a witch not sure which witch but, I was fully expecting her to be a princess of some flavor and wearing pink no less.  We did buy her a costume and had to buy her a separate witches hat just because there is no way she would fit into the hat that came with her costume.  The hat we bought her was in the adult costume section of the store.  No she does not have a big head just a well developed brain.  I even got her some cool in my opinion tights to wear with it and some new tights/pantyhose for me that are Halloween themed.  I  love seeing what people dress up as.  I really hope the rain we are expecting does not deter the trick or treaters too much.  Of course if it does…more great treats for Rose and I to eat hmmm it might not be too bad after all.  We got for our treats organic and fair trade dark chocolate squares yum and some organic “gummy” bears.    Not sure how tasty those are but, I do know that the chocolate is great.   Of course we might watch a scary movie for her it might be Nightmare before Christmas, Corpse Bride or SleepyHollow.  Not sure which one she might choose.  Of course for us adults that might have to wait until she is either asleep or this weekend.  I have too many “scary” movies to choose from to pick just one or even mention them all.   

What are you doing for Halloween?  Do you have any plans?   What did you get for treats for your trick or treaters?  

Have a great Halloween and will post pics of my beautiful little witch.  


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