Hit the wall

29 Oct

Well for the October get rid of the number of things based on the date well, I have hit the wall.  I have gone through most of my things and feel that I have gotten for this round enough things a total of 282 which is a bit more than half.  I would have had 283 but, took off one since I repurchased a book that I had gotten rid of that I decided I wanted back.  Out of all the books I have let go and buying one back is not too shabby if I do say so myself.  I am rather pleased and might continue with my moms place and the stuff/junk I have at hers

Did you keep up and have you gotten rid of things this month that you no longer love or serve a purpose?  If so, how does it feel?  Do you think you need more time to get rid of even more things no matter how big or small?  Do you need a break or have you hit the “brick wall” as well?  

I finally got rid of all of our expired medications this weekend and that felt really good.   Our county had a few places you could drop off expired medications it was great to get rid of them.  Do you have expired medications that you no longer need? Does your county have places to drop off these medications?  If not please find out a safe way to dispose of expired medications.   Ask your Doctor or someone else.  Please do not dump them down the drain most waste treatment facilities cannot handle the medications to make the water safe for wildlife etc.  Thanks.  



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