Sunny again

26 Oct

The sun has returned and it feels warmer even though that is not really true but, I am glad the sun has returned.  I think my Seasonal Effective Disorder decided to just bite me a bit not to mention all the headaches I have been having due to the change in weather.  Today I am at least in better spirits and not feeling as tired.  

 Not sure if the weather has been affecting Noel my sweet rabbit but, she has been eating like crazy…guess she wants to make sure she stays warm no matter if the heat is on or not.  She has also taken to sleeping on her bedding more and less under her shelf and the same area she loves to dig out especially after I clean out her cage.  

I can tell it has gotten colder my hands have dried out like the Sahara Desert.  My solution to dry skin is using coconut oil on them, lotion and occasionally a moisturizing shower gel.   What do you use for dry skin?  

Things this week have been going better with my daughter…I guess it helps when dad actually gets home at a better time.  Plus I have been trying to make sure they spend a bit of time just the two of them in the evening.  Not so much time for me with the hubby sigh ah well.  There is always the weekend if possible.  

Enjoy the weekend.!


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