Weekend and visit

23 Oct

Well my dad is off and running now.  He got to see my moms basement that I worked so hard to get rid of stuff of course she was there to say yea or nay to her stuff.  He was absolutely amazed by how much stuff/junk that was gone.  

It was great to see my dad.  He is such a great grandpa he even took the time to put a kick stand on my daughters training bicycle so sweet of him to do that.  We played games together and in the great contest of GP vs. GD the score is tied.  My dad was throughly trounced by his granddaughter in the memory game/matching that he got a total of 2 matches and my daughter got the rest.  I spent 4 hours with my parents on Monday it was a lot of fun but, wanted to leave early since I knew my dad would be leaving early Tuesday morning.  

This weekend I did manage to make the basic crepes from VegNews.  They were great only ended up looking like American pancakes instead of the thinner French pancakes.  I made half and could barely manage to eat 5 out of the 6 my daughter had one for breakfast.  I think next time I will get up earlier and make sure the dough rests for the recommended hour.  I did not this first time but, it was getting late into the morning and I was Hungry so no resting for this dough I wanted breakfast and I wanted it yesterday. 

Today I am down more than half of the 496 total for the month of getting rid of clutter.  Now if only I could tackle our daughters and my husbands……hmmmm.  Ah well maybe next time.  At least I feel that if we move any time soon it will go a lot easier for me at least I hope.  It has been a bit of a challenge but, I have decided that every scrap of paper that I no longer need no matter how big or small counts.  I have tackled our “office”/junk room and have made progress.  I even tackled my bedroom closet and any and all boxes in our bedroom and have gotten rid of lingerie that I have no real use for.  I dont wear pantyhose as a stay at home mom whats the point and prefer thigh highs instead.  I have even tackled the box in the bathroom and have gotten rid of a lot of baby stuff like nail clippers, emery boards, even some baby powder and will be getting rid of expired meds this weekend when our county has a medical waste drop off. 

 Are you in the process or is it still ongoing with getting rid of clutter?  Dont despair take it slow tackle one box at a time or even one storage tote.  It does get easier and you will feel a lot lighter.  Just decide if you have any further use for it and if you love whatever it is that you have and go item by item.  


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