Best Vegan chocolate ever!

19 Oct

This is the best vegan chocolate ever I absolutely love having something “caramel” without the guilt.  Just in case you did not know caramel is made with milk and is a no no for vegans.   There are other “flavors” a cherry and a cranberry one if I recall correctly. This one pictured is my absolute favorite and I just wanted to pass this on to folks.  

Also, if you do not have a subscription to VEGNEWS the vegan magazine to get.  Their latest issue is classic French food veganized.  It is the issue to pick up if you want to make oh say vegan hang on gotta wipe the drool just thinking about it Crepes and Chocolate Eclairs along with other food but, heck if you have a sweet tooth or are just dying to have some great French food this is the issue for you to run and buy.  You might think the price is a bit expensive but, if you have been dying for these great things to finally become veganized this is the issue for you.  Trust me for me I have been craving crepes for quite a long time so will finally satisfy that craving as soon as i can make a run to the store for the one ingredient I am lacking whole wheat pastry flour sigh so close yet so far but, I am gonna make them sooner rather than later.  I will let you know how this culinary dish turns out with my great cooking.  Say you are in the mood for pate but, without the guilt this issue has ya covered or if you are just wanting to bring a bit of French cooking while you sip a glass of red wine and pretend you are having dinner in front of the Louvre or Eiffel Tower or wherever.  



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