Asking for maybe a little help here

18 Oct

If you recall from my previous post I mention people I have no idea where they are?  Well I am asking for maybe a little help.  I am looking for a woman named Mary Reynolds she was engaged to a gentleman named Shane after she graduated from NMSU with a degree in History.  They were on their way to Mexico for a little while.   She also moved to Arizona shortly after graduating.  I would love to catch up with her and at least know how she is doing.  No i have no idea what Shane’s last name is and I do not have access to Facebook to try and find her.  I dont have an account for a lot of reasons.   If you can help i would appreciate it.  I am not looking for anything except for a way to contact her via email or whatever she prefers. 

My dad is on his way for a visit and I am thrilled.  I did not think that he would be coming for a visit but, I guess it is the power of having a granddaughter who has gotten to him finally.  They seemed to bond during our visit with him in August for which I am really glad.  We were trying to spare him the lovely joy of a long car ride/drive but, he has a friend who is in his 90’s I believe and my dad is wanting to visit with him as much as he can and coming for a visit is a good excuse without being too intrusive. 

The weather has turned colder we are now in the 60s-50s with rain so at least it will be comfortable without all the heat for my dad when he gets here.  

One last thing here is a link for you to read or not and if you do read it I hope it helps with annoying people



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