17 Oct

In getting rid of my clutter I was hit by a few memories by a life that is so different from this life.  It was almost surreal finding old cards, and letters from people who I no longer keep in touch with or even know where they are.  It was just really weird going down that memory lane.  I even found old from my first wedding old wedding cards so those have been recycled and are out of my life.  I have only kept old cards from relatives and friends who are deceased since it is pretty much the last thing i received from them before they passed on.  I at least feel better getting rid of these mementos that no longer hold any meaning or value for me.  i also feel a lot lighter in spirit and maybe even though I had them but, they were tucked away in a box they were weighing me down in spirit and just in clutter both physical and emotional.  

Have you had the same happen to you when you go through that box tucked away in some corner?  Have the memories hit you full force?  Were they good or bad memories?  

Sorry about my previous post it seems that whenever I hit preview that I cant and that my photo that I just put on my post somehow disappears from my view and that is why you all got 2 pictures of the same thing yesterday.  Sorry bout that not sure what is going on.  


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