Its quiet almost too quiet

15 Oct

Yea!  My husband has gotten out of his funk and has decided to become his usual self again which is great.  He has was stressed out because he was running out of money and since he gets paid sometime this week so all is almost right with the world.  Of course it would be nice, really nice if my husband would have an emergency fund and maybe not spend every last dime he is paid so when emergencies come up or he doesnt get paid for awhile it is not such a big deal.  Since most people live paycheck or more to paycheck i really sympathize with the folks who have not been paid since the federal govt. shut down of course no sympathy for our “wonderful” law makers, shakers and breakers.  

 Today I am up to a total of 105 things out of my house.  it is feeling really good to have a lot of stuff gone.  I am getting rid of more books that i have already read and will probably never read again.   I even got rid of computer disks remember the 3.15 disks for computers?  Those have been tossed out in the trash even though they still have data on them but, are of no use for me with a netbook as a computer.  

This weekend I read an ebook titled Whale Song you can get it for a Kindle not sure about Nook.  This is a great book and I highly recommend folks read it.  

The reason why it is so quiet is that my daughter is still spending time with her grandparents and they still have her so it has been very quiet today and admittedly rather nice.  Usually she comes home Sunday night sometime.  Not sure when she will be returning tonight but, that is alright.  


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