Uggh I feel terrible

12 Oct

It all began last night I had dinner and then suddenly nope no dinner.  I was dizzy and could not stand up for very long.  Most folks might think this is from too much alcohol consumption but, since I rarely drink nope sorry. Not sure what happened.  Today I am still dizzy. It was crazy.  I of course could not get in touch with my husband when I needed him to come home so I could just go to bed and try and feel better.  I finally called his mom and she tried to get in touch with him and finally succeeded.  He was visiting a friend in the hospital so I understand about turning it off or at least putting it on silent but, still there are a lot of days where I really, really wonder why I have a cell phone especially in situations like this and no one answers their bloody darn phone.  Maybe I will just get rid of it eventually probably when this one dies or no longer works.  

On the plus side to feeling really lousy I ended up with a snuggle buddy who absolutely did not want to move Sin pronounced Shin so sweet of her to just hang out with me once I finally made it to bed last night.  I will be very happy when the dizziness goes away.  

Today I started my day rather early after “sleeping in” I got up a little after 6:30 our time and was still suffering bouts of dizziness.  The only people who have asked how I feel or am doing is my mom and my daughter.  At least someone asked.  

I am not sure if this is from something I ate, allergies (I have been sneezing like crazy lately), or from what all I am getting rid of so far.  

 I did make $25 for our dream from getting rid of my books that i have no more use for so that was really great and even though it is not a major amount every bit does help.  

Have a good weekend. 


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