Birthday week

10 Oct

This week is birthday week to two best buddies of mine who I have know since high school yes when big hair, men wearing makeup and even bigger attitudes were all the rage.  So Happy Birthday to my two good friends and I miss ya all a lot!

 So far my mass of getting rid of a total of 496 items is down by 45 items so far today and I plan on keeping on until there is nothing more I want to get rid of or until I have gotten rid of 496 items.  It has been rather liberating and I am not even half way through.  

Today I noticed on the bottoms of my sweet Noel’s aka Rabbits feet that she has a bit of pink strip on the back of each foot in the back.  I called her vet to see what might be the problem and so far the only thing I can think of is what I am using to clean out her cage.  I  might not be getting all of the soapy residue out as well as I think I am.  So the other alternative I have is to either take her cage outside and use the faucet outside along with my flower/plant waterer to make sure it is completely free of any soap residue.  I really hope that this solves the problem plus I am almost out of what i am currently using so that might be a good thing in disguise.    Plus it is not like I use a lot of soap when I do clean out her cage but, it might be irritating her skin oops.  Not good.  


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