Bug fest and government

8 Oct

This past week we had the great bug fest in one day I kicked out of our home one cricket and 2 not sure what they are exactly except they are greyish brown and fly.  

As for the government shut down well, I have a lot to say but, most of it is not very polite so will skip that and just say a couple of things that this is costing us A LOT of money that we could be using for other things like balancing our budget etc.  The other thing is that our lovely law makers and shakers need to GROW UP and stop acting like children sheesh.  

Done with the rant thank you very much.  

This weekend was rather uneventful.  I did make a great loaf of bread if I do say so myself.  I put in a cup of teff flour just to boost the protein content up a bit and to help it taste yummy.   It is hard to mess up bread not impossible been there done it.  We have decided it is cheaper to make our own bread and tastier than the prepackaged and sliced stuff you find in the store.  Plus with the weather getting cooler we went from 70s and 80s to 60s today so it is starting to feel more like fall which is what it is supposed to feel like.  I also read a lot via my kindle.  It was nice and relaxing and fun as well.  I also bought a game of ecofluxx it was a lot of fun since my daughter was my guinea pig.  We kind of goofed it up by not reading all the cards.  Just a side note you have to read all the cards no matter what.  We skipped that step a few times and our game could have ended a lot sooner if we had but, it was still fun and educational.  I really want the Monty Python fluxx set as an avid and rabid Monty Python fan it sounds like a lot of fun and will probably order from amazon at some point since it is $6 cheaper than what I can get locally and as a prime member i can get it shipped for free.  



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