Breast Cancer Awareness month

2 Oct

Hello ladies this is mainly for you but, since guys can have the happy joy being sarcastic here of developing breast cancer.  I want you all to touch your self and either schedule that mamogram or at the very least do a self exam.  I have had one friend who is a survivor of this cancer along with another one.  

 So in honor of breast cancer awareness month I am asking folks to either go out and buy something pink that supports breast cancer research or to make a donation to breast cancer research even a dollar will work or whatever spare change you have found in the couch or car.  You could even if you are in getting rid of stuff and maybe selling it you might consider donating a portion or all to cancer research.  These are just suggestions.  

On a side note my poor daughter has hurt her neck.  There is no obvious injury to her neck she says it just hurts and has screamed and cried due to the pain.  i have given her some children’s tylenol for help with the pain, ice for her neck and she is resting. Not much else can be done unfortunately.  Plus I have one heck of a good headache as well guess it just runs in the family or something.  

I also put into my savings account for our dream another $70 this was money I got for the holidays last year but, did not use it for anything so figure the best thing and place for it is to go to the dream.  

I have paid down $150 for at least one school loan down from $1792.82 to $1642.82.  Once this is paid off I will have one last school loan to pay off but, am getting closer to being debt free and even after I pay off the first loan I will still have more $$ for the dream so my hope is to pay this off by January 2014 no matter what even if it does end up being a balloon payment for the last bit in January.   


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