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I am ready baby

30 Oct

I am ready for Halloween.   It is my favorite holiday just because the only thing you have to buy is treats for your trick or treaters.  No rushing to the mall or big box store to get that favorite, latest or even a gift for folks.  

 My daughter much to my amazement has decided to be a witch not sure which witch but, I was fully expecting her to be a princess of some flavor and wearing pink no less.  We did buy her a costume and had to buy her a separate witches hat just because there is no way she would fit into the hat that came with her costume.  The hat we bought her was in the adult costume section of the store.  No she does not have a big head just a well developed brain.  I even got her some cool in my opinion tights to wear with it and some new tights/pantyhose for me that are Halloween themed.  I  love seeing what people dress up as.  I really hope the rain we are expecting does not deter the trick or treaters too much.  Of course if it does…more great treats for Rose and I to eat hmmm it might not be too bad after all.  We got for our treats organic and fair trade dark chocolate squares yum and some organic “gummy” bears.    Not sure how tasty those are but, I do know that the chocolate is great.   Of course we might watch a scary movie for her it might be Nightmare before Christmas, Corpse Bride or SleepyHollow.  Not sure which one she might choose.  Of course for us adults that might have to wait until she is either asleep or this weekend.  I have too many “scary” movies to choose from to pick just one or even mention them all.   

What are you doing for Halloween?  Do you have any plans?   What did you get for treats for your trick or treaters?  

Have a great Halloween and will post pics of my beautiful little witch.  

Hit the wall

29 Oct

Well for the October get rid of the number of things based on the date well, I have hit the wall.  I have gone through most of my things and feel that I have gotten for this round enough things a total of 282 which is a bit more than half.  I would have had 283 but, took off one since I repurchased a book that I had gotten rid of that I decided I wanted back.  Out of all the books I have let go and buying one back is not too shabby if I do say so myself.  I am rather pleased and might continue with my moms place and the stuff/junk I have at hers

Did you keep up and have you gotten rid of things this month that you no longer love or serve a purpose?  If so, how does it feel?  Do you think you need more time to get rid of even more things no matter how big or small?  Do you need a break or have you hit the “brick wall” as well?  

I finally got rid of all of our expired medications this weekend and that felt really good.   Our county had a few places you could drop off expired medications it was great to get rid of them.  Do you have expired medications that you no longer need? Does your county have places to drop off these medications?  If not please find out a safe way to dispose of expired medications.   Ask your Doctor or someone else.  Please do not dump them down the drain most waste treatment facilities cannot handle the medications to make the water safe for wildlife etc.  Thanks.  


Sunny again

26 Oct

The sun has returned and it feels warmer even though that is not really true but, I am glad the sun has returned.  I think my Seasonal Effective Disorder decided to just bite me a bit not to mention all the headaches I have been having due to the change in weather.  Today I am at least in better spirits and not feeling as tired.  

 Not sure if the weather has been affecting Noel my sweet rabbit but, she has been eating like crazy…guess she wants to make sure she stays warm no matter if the heat is on or not.  She has also taken to sleeping on her bedding more and less under her shelf and the same area she loves to dig out especially after I clean out her cage.  

I can tell it has gotten colder my hands have dried out like the Sahara Desert.  My solution to dry skin is using coconut oil on them, lotion and occasionally a moisturizing shower gel.   What do you use for dry skin?  

Things this week have been going better with my daughter…I guess it helps when dad actually gets home at a better time.  Plus I have been trying to make sure they spend a bit of time just the two of them in the evening.  Not so much time for me with the hubby sigh ah well.  There is always the weekend if possible.  

Enjoy the weekend.!

Hibernation time

25 Oct

I just feel like being a bear with no sun and cold temperatures it has not been fun. Even the birds are having it rough unfortunately when my husband went shopping last night he was unable to get any bird seed to feed our feathered friends.  Plus I have a headache really bad right now not sure if it is from the front or just pressure building up.  Hope to feel better tomorrow.  

 Made more of the crepes today for breakfast they turned out great.  I made them the night before so there would be no hungry person to feed.  I just shoved the batter into the fridge last night.  They turned out a lot better and thinner than the previous ones.  So I think I solved the problem of thick crepes.  

Home again

24 Oct

Got word that my dad made it home again and that he was able to visit with his 90 + year old friend on his way back for a few hours.  Of course my dad had the happy joy of running into the front that is plaguing us right now.  We have had rain, wind and just really cold weather.  

 It has been a good day to stay at home and make some hot chocolate with some vegan nut milk.  Yum.  

Today it was to me chilly enough that I made Scottish oatmeal for breakfast by Bobs Red Mill.  If you have not tried this type of oatmeal before it is very tasty and good for you too. 

 So what do you like to have for breakfast when it is cold outside and the weather is frightful?  Do you stick with oatmeal or do you eat something else like say teff, amaranth, or something else?  

it has been cold enough that our feathery friends outside have been hitting my bird feeder pretty hard today i just hope I can get some more seed for them soon hopefully before I run out.  

Weekend and visit

23 Oct

Well my dad is off and running now.  He got to see my moms basement that I worked so hard to get rid of stuff of course she was there to say yea or nay to her stuff.  He was absolutely amazed by how much stuff/junk that was gone.  

It was great to see my dad.  He is such a great grandpa he even took the time to put a kick stand on my daughters training bicycle so sweet of him to do that.  We played games together and in the great contest of GP vs. GD the score is tied.  My dad was throughly trounced by his granddaughter in the memory game/matching that he got a total of 2 matches and my daughter got the rest.  I spent 4 hours with my parents on Monday it was a lot of fun but, wanted to leave early since I knew my dad would be leaving early Tuesday morning.  

This weekend I did manage to make the basic crepes from VegNews.  They were great only ended up looking like American pancakes instead of the thinner French pancakes.  I made half and could barely manage to eat 5 out of the 6 my daughter had one for breakfast.  I think next time I will get up earlier and make sure the dough rests for the recommended hour.  I did not this first time but, it was getting late into the morning and I was Hungry so no resting for this dough I wanted breakfast and I wanted it yesterday. 

Today I am down more than half of the 496 total for the month of getting rid of clutter.  Now if only I could tackle our daughters and my husbands……hmmmm.  Ah well maybe next time.  At least I feel that if we move any time soon it will go a lot easier for me at least I hope.  It has been a bit of a challenge but, I have decided that every scrap of paper that I no longer need no matter how big or small counts.  I have tackled our “office”/junk room and have made progress.  I even tackled my bedroom closet and any and all boxes in our bedroom and have gotten rid of lingerie that I have no real use for.  I dont wear pantyhose as a stay at home mom whats the point and prefer thigh highs instead.  I have even tackled the box in the bathroom and have gotten rid of a lot of baby stuff like nail clippers, emery boards, even some baby powder and will be getting rid of expired meds this weekend when our county has a medical waste drop off. 

 Are you in the process or is it still ongoing with getting rid of clutter?  Dont despair take it slow tackle one box at a time or even one storage tote.  It does get easier and you will feel a lot lighter.  Just decide if you have any further use for it and if you love whatever it is that you have and go item by item.  

Best Vegan chocolate ever!

19 Oct

This is the best vegan chocolate ever I absolutely love having something “caramel” without the guilt.  Just in case you did not know caramel is made with milk and is a no no for vegans.   There are other “flavors” a cherry and a cranberry one if I recall correctly. This one pictured is my absolute favorite and I just wanted to pass this on to folks.  

Also, if you do not have a subscription to VEGNEWS the vegan magazine to get.  Their latest issue is classic French food veganized.  It is the issue to pick up if you want to make oh say vegan hang on gotta wipe the drool just thinking about it Crepes and Chocolate Eclairs along with other food but, heck if you have a sweet tooth or are just dying to have some great French food this is the issue for you to run and buy.  You might think the price is a bit expensive but, if you have been dying for these great things to finally become veganized this is the issue for you.  Trust me for me I have been craving crepes for quite a long time so will finally satisfy that craving as soon as i can make a run to the store for the one ingredient I am lacking whole wheat pastry flour sigh so close yet so far but, I am gonna make them sooner rather than later.  I will let you know how this culinary dish turns out with my great cooking.  Say you are in the mood for pate but, without the guilt this issue has ya covered or if you are just wanting to bring a bit of French cooking while you sip a glass of red wine and pretend you are having dinner in front of the Louvre or Eiffel Tower or wherever.  


Asking for maybe a little help here

18 Oct

If you recall from my previous post I mention people I have no idea where they are?  Well I am asking for maybe a little help.  I am looking for a woman named Mary Reynolds she was engaged to a gentleman named Shane after she graduated from NMSU with a degree in History.  They were on their way to Mexico for a little while.   She also moved to Arizona shortly after graduating.  I would love to catch up with her and at least know how she is doing.  No i have no idea what Shane’s last name is and I do not have access to Facebook to try and find her.  I dont have an account for a lot of reasons.   If you can help i would appreciate it.  I am not looking for anything except for a way to contact her via email or whatever she prefers. 

My dad is on his way for a visit and I am thrilled.  I did not think that he would be coming for a visit but, I guess it is the power of having a granddaughter who has gotten to him finally.  They seemed to bond during our visit with him in August for which I am really glad.  We were trying to spare him the lovely joy of a long car ride/drive but, he has a friend who is in his 90’s I believe and my dad is wanting to visit with him as much as he can and coming for a visit is a good excuse without being too intrusive. 

The weather has turned colder we are now in the 60s-50s with rain so at least it will be comfortable without all the heat for my dad when he gets here.  

One last thing here is a link for you to read or not and if you do read it I hope it helps with annoying people



17 Oct

In getting rid of my clutter I was hit by a few memories by a life that is so different from this life.  It was almost surreal finding old cards, and letters from people who I no longer keep in touch with or even know where they are.  It was just really weird going down that memory lane.  I even found old from my first wedding old wedding cards so those have been recycled and are out of my life.  I have only kept old cards from relatives and friends who are deceased since it is pretty much the last thing i received from them before they passed on.  I at least feel better getting rid of these mementos that no longer hold any meaning or value for me.  i also feel a lot lighter in spirit and maybe even though I had them but, they were tucked away in a box they were weighing me down in spirit and just in clutter both physical and emotional.  

Have you had the same happen to you when you go through that box tucked away in some corner?  Have the memories hit you full force?  Were they good or bad memories?  

Sorry about my previous post it seems that whenever I hit preview that I cant and that my photo that I just put on my post somehow disappears from my view and that is why you all got 2 pictures of the same thing yesterday.  Sorry bout that not sure what is going on.  


16 Oct

This is what I got to witness when the sun finally made an appearance this morning.  Enjoy the beauty I know that I certainly did.