Birthday and books

27 Sep

Today is my sweet bunny rabbits birthday and she turns 3 today.  She has been spoiled rotten with lots of fruit treats and getting some extra run time with just 4 walls around her.  My daughter and I have wished her a happy birthday.  


I have also gotten rid of about 13 books and am giving a friend first crack at them before I sell them.  The box they were in is now so much lighter with only a few notebooks and old tax returns.  Hopefully next move or whatever will be much smoother with less stuff to move.  I almost cant wait.  

I will also be probably posting on Craigslist my food dehydrator.  It really did seem like a good idea at the time to have especially since I was into a “raw” diet and a great way to preserve strawberries and other goodies from the farmers market.  Now that I have just decided that being Vegan  is a better fit for me and the fact that the food dehydrator is just collecting dust it is time for it to go.  

 All money made from my sells of things will go into the Vault with MC hammer singing “Cant touch this” and a large guard dog for our trip to Ireland.  I am getting so excited by this.  It has helped me to reevaluate my “needs” and other things that I might buy because now I look at it as how badly do I want to go to Ireland?  the answer is pretty badly.  So gonna do everything I can to make it happen by 2015 at the latest.  


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