Time to simplify

26 Sep

As some of you know we might or might not be moving.  So since I am not sure if that will or will not be happening and with the need to raise or just cut back on a lot of expenses.  I am now going to undertake my books mainly the books I have not looked at in 3 plus years of being where we are and since they have not been touched since that time for the most part except to put them on shelving units to make sense of all the stuff that we actually have.  I have decided to sell the lot to our local half price bookstore.  I will do my best weather permitting to get rid of a box of books every week until mostly gone.  This will help so much with our possible move, and my back after having to lift and separate the boxes.  

The other need is that my daughter is wanting her own space and room for the first time.  A sign that she is growing up (shedding a tear or 2 or more).  So we have got to in a way suck it up and get rid of the excess of what we no longer use or need anymore so this can happen.  

Just so you know we live in a 2 bedroom duplex/apartment with a bath and a half and no where to store the excess except for the second bedroom that is now my husbands office/junk room.  Gotta get this done sooner rather than later to prepare for the possible move and the fact that my daughter wants her own room and her own bed.  


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