18 Sep

Well as you know from earlier this summer my 4 year old daughter had a blast visiting her Grandpa.  Now she wants to go and hopefully meet the newest Prince of England yup I opened my big mouth thinking that would appease her Disney fantasy and yes I do blame Disney along with her grandparents.  

So in order for this dream to come true and happen I need your help. In the form of travel blogs that you either know about or subscribe to just so I can hopefully get a few ideas on a budget for this endeavor along with places to see (at my personal top is Stone Henge) plus venture to Scotland.  I figure we are already there might as well go for it.  So if you could help and pass them on to me in the comments I would really appreciate it.  In the meantime I will be saving every penny etc that I can to help make this happen for my daughter.  Life is short and I might as well make her dream come true along with part of mine in seeing this area of the world as a start to our  travels.    

You might think that we are some how wimping out by going to English speaking countries first but, it is a start and from there who knows where we might decide to go next.  

Thanks for your help.   


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